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Prediction details

Each row in the following table shows the accuracy of predictions by an algorithm for individual cells in the data set. "Overall best CC" indicates the performance of the current best algorithm for that cell.

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Algorithm: LeCunning v4.0
Notes:Convolutional neural network-style model for center-surround magic, fit greedily layer by layer. Version 4 uses stimuli which were manually recentered and rescaled, and should edge out the previous versions barely; the method is somewhat sensitive to proper centering and scaling of the RF.
Eval'd on:2011-03-16 22:20:54 (Prediction evaluated successfully)
    Cell ID   My CC   Overall Best CC
e0008  0.674 0.717
e0012  0.269 0.352
r0212b  0.198 0.223
r0221a  0.370 0.463
r0225c  0.258 0.256
r0260  0.586 0.605
r0279  0.575 0.614
r0284  0.661 0.672
r0301  0.729 0.736
r0305  0.593 0.695

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