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NPC 0.3 - Registration

To register for NPC, please fill out the form below. Aside from your user name, the other information you provide will not be made publicly available without your explicit consent (eg, by checking "show name" below). We will use it to contact you and to learn about participants in the Challenge.

After completing this form, you will be given limited browsing access to the NPC site. Once we have verfied your information, we will activate your account for downloading data sets and submitting preditions. This usually takes less than one business day. Thanks for your patience!

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NPC plan:Please briefly describe how you intend to use the prediction challenge data. You need not provide details of the algorithms you have in mind but should indicate the computational neuroscience problems that motivate your participation in the challenge. (NOTE: Thanks to a large amount of unwanted spam, you must complete this field in order to create an account.)


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